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“Knife Supplies Australia are proud to stock, sell and support the Knifemate, a great Australian innovation!”

Adrew R, Knife Supplies Australia

A new innovative Aussie Knife Sharpening Tool. Knife Supplies Australia were quick to realise that this sharpening innovation was unique and there was nothing else quite like it in the knife sharpening game. KSA proudly recommend the KnifeMate and the companies commitment to Australian innovation, design and manufacturing. KnifeMate can proudly display the Australian Made And Owned logo by the side of their products.

A robust lightweight design enables you to sharpen blades at home or in the field on any firm flat surface. You don’t need to buy special stones: you can use your own bench stones, whetstones and strops etc. With its continuously adjustable design, almost any angle can be set to maintain a precise angle, which makes it easy for anyone to sharpen knifes like a professional.

Adrew R, Knife Supplies Australia

“This product is easy to use and extremely efficient for not only maintaining knives used on a daily basis but also bringing back knives that are no longer being used. The Knifemate system means anyone can sharpen there own knives without the need to take your knives to a shop to have a good edge put on them.”

Chris W

“Perfect edge every time from an Australian product”

Lomos S

Yep, old stones are still good stones with Knife MateπŸ€™

Don T

“Great product”

Chris G

“Great kit”

MP Knifeblade

“Great product”

Chris G

“This was simply the best knife sharpener ive ever come across”

Mike B

I would like to congratulate you on bringing this product into the market, Awesome achievement.


Yep you can get a better than new edge almost anywhere with knifemate. Here’s another very old oil stone still in use and a Solingen knife ready for action again with a knifemate strop.


I would like to congratulate you on bringing this product into the market, Awesome achievement.


These knives are very sharp thanks to knifemate, I can truly recommend it to everybodyπŸ‘πŸ˜€

Great tool. WA designed.
Sher S
πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ Go Blademates!!!I’m a fanπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
Our knives are all sharp because of knifemate that’s why I like this product very much it’s also made in Australia
Mon d.
I love my knife mate, wish I had a Kelpie to go with it!
Don T.
That looks excellent!
Don T.


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