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Understanding The

Anatomy of a Knife

A knife is generally composed of two parts: the handle and the blade. Most often it is the shape and cut of the blade point that determines its intended usage and renders it a certain style.

The spine of the blade is the thickest, heaviest and, most often, unsharpened length of the blade. It supports the blade’s cutting action and gives the blade its overall strength. Generally, the wider and thicker the spine of a blade, the more force it can withstand in downward and side-to-side motion.

A tang describes the back or stock portion of the blade that extends partly into the handle or actually comprises the handle (called full tang).

Bolsters improve the blade’s strength in the critical areas: the handle to blade junction, and the rear or butt of the knife where heavy impacts require reinforcement. The bolsters also help to protect and secure the handle.

Rivets also known as fasteners may sometimes be screws. They are there to keep the handle or scales securely in place.

Serrations are the sawtooth style modifications added to some select blades. They are usually placed toward the handle for greater application of leverage.

What Angle Should I Use?

All knives are supplied from the factory with a predetermined bevel angel. Generally this angle is what the manufacturer believes will work best for their knife and the expected use of the knife.

If your knife is dull, we suggest you to start with the medium grit stone. Colour the edge of the knife with a felt-tip pen. You can check your progress in sharpening and the angle of the knife by observing where the colour is removed.

Start by laying the blade flat on the stone, raise the blade spine approximately the thickness of the blade, and start moving the knife in circular motions. After restoring the edge to the original shape, de-burr the edge lightly with the diamond stone in order to get a razor-sharp edge.


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