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1) After watching the instructional videos I was wondering that given the main vertical support seems to be moving and is not at a fixed point, wont this change the angle you originally set once you start sharpening?

Once you have set the desired angel with the Knifemate all you need to do is keep the edge of the blade in constant contact with the surface of the stone, this provides a wide reference surface and the Knifemate just follows behind to maintain the angle. You must however keep the bearing on the jack bar of the Knifemate in constant contact with a flat surface i.e. table top. In short if used correctly the angle will not change.

2) Hello,  I wonder what is the lowest bevel angle can be sharpened without scratching the bottom of the clamp, (assuming a blade of a 45mm height chef’s knife)?

The bevel on the bottom of the lower jaw is cut at about 11 degrees, you should be able to get down to about that angle. The limiting factor is the blade height but at 45 mm you should be ok.

3) I’m a slicer at a meat works and have always struggled getting that perfect edge and am interested see more of how the tool works.

There are short instructional videos on the web site, if you need further information please call or email.

4) How do I pay for the Knifemate once I have ordered one?

An invoice with the banking details will be emailed, There are several ways to pay and all are included on the invoice. When payment is received in the bank your Knifemate will be posted and a tracking number provided.


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