Australian Designed & MANUFACTURED Precision Blade Sharpening

Just Good Gear

Household Knives

  • Chef’s Knife

  • Utility Knife

  • Santoku Knife

  • Boning Knife

  • Bread Knife

  • Cleaver

  • Paring Knife

  • Steak Knife

  • Nakiri Bocho

  • Fillet Knife

Butcher’s Knives

  • Boning Knife

  • Traditional Butcher Knife

  • Skinning Knife

  • Steak Knife

  • Cimeter Knife

  • Breaking Knife

  • Cleaver

Fishing Knives

  • Fillet Knife

  • Trout and Bird Knife

  • Utility Knife

Hunting Knives

  • Camp Knife

  • Bowie Knife

  • Caping Knife

    • Skinning Knife

    • Boning Knife

    Farrier’s Knives

    • Double S Knife Classic

    • Double S Knife Rhino

    • Double S Loop Knife

    • Hoof Knife

    • Double Edge Knife

    • Black Blade Knife

    • Short Blade Knife

    • Loop Knife

    Other Blades

    • Bowie

    • Clip Folder

    • Dagger

    • Machete

    • Multitool

    • Pocket knife

    • Survival Knife

    • Swiss Army

    • Throwing Knife


    • Easy to use
    • Infinite angle adjustment within the range of the tool
    • Use your own sharpening media e.g. whetstones
    • Designed for field and home use
    • Light weight, robust.
    • Compact and easy to carry
    • Simple in design
    • Robust and reliable with repeatable results
    • Able to reproduce a consistent double or single bevel angle to a prescribed angle
    • No moving parts while in use
    • Able to be used on any flat firm surface
    • Able and adaptable to be used for knives, 2 blade and 3 blade arrow heads
    • Manual operation, no power required
    • Unique wave in the lower gripping jaw to provide improved grip on some “professional” knives
    • Maintenance free except for routine cleaning, just wipe over with a clean dry cloth
    • Cam lock on gripping mechanism to increase gripping force applied with minimal effort


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