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by the original inventors

Back in the 1960s and early 1970s country living was a way of life and still is today. The use of knives and edge ware was still a part of that way of life, the methods of sharpening had been handed down from generation to generation as did the sharpening stones.

 Carborundum was becoming popular and marked the progression to synthetic sharpening media, since then things like diamonds and ceramics have dominated the market for general use. Later in life there was still a need to have a sharp knife handy for skinning and dressing meat but the perfect edge was still elusive particularly in the field, some proprietary sharpening systems became available and some of the original brands are still available today.

However, I still wanted to use the old oil stones I had for years and be able to grind a consistent sharp edge on a knife that would last, a simple goal. From the prototype to the final design the tool has been through approximately thirty incarnations and been tested on approximately five hundred knives of different shapes and sizes until a satisfactory result was achieved and the goals of the design were met.

Testing included working with pastoralists, the hospitality industry and the hunting fraternity in multiple locations in the southern part of Western Australia.


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